Back To School Vegan Breakfast Ideas

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School is back in session. In my house, that means the morning rush is also back. I already miss those lazy summer days….

While most of the emphasis this time of year is on what to pack for lunch, I also like to spend meal planning time and energy on breakfast. I find a good breakfast can go a long way in starting the morning off on the right foot, and helps usher everyone off to school in a happy mood. Try one of these fun and healthy vegan breakfast ideas to get your kids excited as they head back to school.

Breakfast Tacos
This is a fun way to start the day! Set out mini corn tortillas with a variety of fillings and let your kiddos make their own creation. 

Suggested Fillings:

  • Soyrizo and potatoes
  • Tofu scramble
  • Chopped tempeh bacon
  • Fresh veggies
  • Salsa

Waffle Bacon Sandwich
Forget fast food breakfast sandwiches when you can make your own healthier version. Sandwich 2-3 slices of tempeh bacon between two vegan waffles dressed with maple syrup. 

Pancake Kabobs
Kids will love this DIY breakfast! Set out dollar sized vegan pancakes, along with assorted fruit, such as grapes, strawberries, melon balls, berries, banana slices, and/or chunks of pineapple, apples, and stone fruit. Using mini skewers, let the kids make their own kabobs using the fruit and pancakes. Serve alongside maple syrup for dipping.

Vegan Pancake Kebabs

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