Avocado Oil Spread from Earth Balance

Avocado Oil Spread from Earth Balance

Earth Balance has one of the fastest growing vegan product lines on the market, and they released a new vegan buttery spread that has the public drooling. Thanks to this visionary brand those days of scanning the ingredients lists of the traditional supermarket margarine are over!

Pioneers in the vegan spread world they keep on surprising us with new products to make our spreading much more interesting. And now they have given us an Avocado Oil Spread to add to the collection. 

Avocado addicts can now find these tubs of bliss in stores across the United States. Your toast will never be the same again, and margarine might be a thing of the past! Imagine all the new creations you can come up with! You can add this to your pasta sauces, use it to saute some veggies or melt it on some warm asparagus with some sea salt and black pepper. Avocado oil spread for the win!

Is Avocado Oil Good? 

Avocado Oil is the new trend in the healthy oils real, and this spread is a great way to incorporate it. 

Unlike other plant oils, avocado oil is extracted from its flesh and not the seed, and this makes it easily digestible (compared to sunflower oil or canola) It is high in oleic acid, monosaturated fats, and vitamins A, and C. And, the best part is that it can tolerate high temperatures. This means it doesn’t smoke as soon as it gets hot like Olive Oil and preserves its nutrients better which makes it ideal for cooking.

As if it wasn’t enough amazing benefits, this oil has a very mild flavor, and you can use it for almost any preparation.

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