Choosing Kind Language | Animalogy

The words we use reflects our values and our beliefs. Yet we have a lot of idioms in the English language that convey violence against animals. If you want to convey compassion for animals in all aspects of your life, you’ll love our latest video with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau all about language.

There are lots of ways to convey what we’re trying to say in a creative and visual way that doesn’t need to convey violence against animals. For instance, instead of “kill two birds with one stone,” we can say “cut two carrots with one knife.” Instead of “there’s more than one way to skin a cat,” we can say “there’s more than one way to peel a potato.”

Colleen has come up with a collection of compassionate versions of violent idioms, which she shares in this video!

If this fascinates you, you’ll love Colleen’s new podcast Animalogy. You can listen on iTunes or at It’s about the words in our language that celebrate our relationship with animals as well as the language that reflects violence against them which I don’t think reflects how we really do feel about animals. 

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