2016 Vegan Holiday Gift Guide & 12 Days of Giveaways!

2016 Vegan Holiday Gift Guide & 12 Days of Giveaways!

We’re excited to release our annual Vegan Holiday Gift Guide and epic giveaway series! Most of us will be spending a considerable amount of dough over the holiday season, so why not direct that moolah toward compassionate-minded companies, and give gifts that inspire wellness and love?

The gift guide below includes an array of vegan gift ideas to cover everyone on your list—from your meat-loving cousin to your friend’s pooch.

Plus, every day we’ll be unveiling a new giveaway below from some of our favorite vegan-friendly companies, with a total value of over $1,000! Winners will be randomly chosen and notified by email on December 25. Check back often so you don’t miss out on any of these goodies. Good luck! 

Triple Threads Apparel

Triple Threads vegan shirts

This conscious apparel brand created by vegan graphic designer Whitney Todor offers an array of designs to inspire and represent a positive, compassionate lifestyle. Triple Threads is on a mission is to thread good vibes into the world, and they offer shirts that will make perfect gifts for the herbivores, animal lovers, and adventurers in your life. 

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Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts makes gift giving easy! They have an entire shop filled with vegan gift options (at a discount!). Plus, they have three subscription boxes that would make any vegan swoon: the Snack Box, the Beauty Box, and the Makeup Box. 

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Meaningful Paws Apparel

Meaningful Paws Vegan Sweatshirt

This is every animal lover’s shopping paradise. Whether you’re looking for vegan-themed T-shirts, tumblrs, or cozy sweatshirts, Meaningful Paws has you covered. They’ve been featured in VegNews magazine and by many prominent vegan personalities! 

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Wills Vegan Shoes

Wills Vegan Shoes

Our love for Wills London is no secret. Not only do they offer a huge array of shoes for ladies and gents, summer and winter, and everything in between, but they are also totally committed to being 100% vegan! Founded by an activist, Wills is mission-driven, so you know your shoe-buying dollars are going toward good.  

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Save The Duck Jackets

save the duck vegan jackets

This activist-minded outerwear company makes down-free puffy jackets that are incredibly warm, cozy, comfortable, and durable. They are made with high-tech fibers that have the feel of down, but without harming animals. I got one last year and it’s my go-to jacket when the weather gets nippy! Enter to win one for yourself below. You can enjoy 20% off with the code WORLDOFVEGAN!  

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Canopy Verde Vegan Handbags

canopy verde vegan bag

Canopy Verde is a totally vegan handbag company with stylish, durable, eco-friendly bags that would make a perfect holiday gift! We love the wooden detail and the pop of color that will brighten your mood whenever you open up the bag. Plus, each bag was designed thoughtfully with our planet and animals in mind. Get 10% off with the code WORLDOFVEGAN. 

I don’t like owning a lot of “stuff.” What I do own I want to be well designed, timeless, and practical in the best sense of the word. – Linda Wong, Founder of Canopy Verde

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Midwest Juicery

midwest juicery

Looking for a great gift for the health enthusiast in your life? We all know that juice cleanses can be a little splurgy, but I know many people (myself included) who would jump for joy if they received one for the holidays! A pack of fresh pressed juices from Midwest Juicery can be shipped to a friend’s doorstep as a nice way to counteract all those Christmas cookies. Use the code WORLDOFVEGAN to receive 15% off until the end of the year!

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Alba Paris Apparel


Alba Paris has taken the internet by storm this year with her creative artwork for a cause. Her T-shirt designs really make people think about important issues, ethical inconsistencies, and why choosing vegan is so important for animals, planet, and people. Plus, Alba donates 10% of proceeds to Rancho Relaxo sanctuary in New Jersey! 

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The Friendly Vegan Cookbook 


Our gift guide wouldn’t be complete without our vegan recipe e-book! The Friendly Vegan Cookbook is our own 14-recipe cookbook by World of Vegan founder Michelle Cehn and Plant Based on a Budget superhero Toni Okamoto. Plus, get 20% off with the code WORLDOFVEGAN at checkout!

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100% Pure Cosmetics 

100% pure cruelty free beauty

When it comes to gift-worthy cruelty-free beauty, 100% Pure is a great place to turn! Most of their products are vegan (but not all, so be sure to check the ingredients!) and they are packaged so beautifully they almost don’t need to be wrapped.

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Ellovi Body Butter & Lip Balm 

ellovi vegan lotion

Ellovi makes some of the cleanest skincare on the planet—using just 6 plant-based ingredients! The “Butter” can be used as body lotion, face moisturizer, makeup remover (my fave), and more! It’s versatile, healthy for your skin, and pure enough to eat. They also offer gift-friendly lip butter variety packs that make perfect stocking stuffers! Get 20% off using the code WORLDOFVEGAN.  

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Benji’s Vegan Dog Treats

Benji's Farm Vegan Dog Treats

For the dog lovers in your life, you can’t go wrong with gifting adorable vegan dog treats! Benji’s is a brand-new vegan dog treat company with tremendous curb appeal. Just look how cute their packaging is! Use the code WORLDOFVEGAN to get 30% off through the end of the year!

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The 12-Day Dairy Detox

the dairy detox

Do you know someone who is interested in going vegan, but isn’t quite sure how to start? Or someone who recently decided to be vegan but is struggling and needs some support? Gift them The 12-Day Dairy Detox! Get 15% off through the end of the year with the code WORLDOFVEGAN. You can also get a copy of The Dairy Detox e-cookbook here!

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Beanfields Chips

Beanfields Chips vegan holiday gift guide

Have you discovered the wonders of Beanfields yet? The are uber-delicious, flavorful chips made from beans! They are all vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, and far higher in protein and fiber than traditional chips. Everyone I’ve shared these chips with have loved them. And almost anyone would be stoked to receive a package of these on their doorsteps for the holidays. Perhaps with some vegan nacho cheese? 

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Hurraw! Vegan Lip Balm

hurraw vegan lip balm

Hurraw! is one of our all-time favorite vegan lip balms. The ingredients are clean, organic, vegan, and raw! These would make for a perfect stocking stuffer, or a fun garnish on the outside of a Hanukkah present! Because let’s be real—you can never have too many lip balms, especially when they come in flavors like Root Beer, Chai Spice, and my personal favorites, Almond and Vanilla Bean! 

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Lunalight Jewellery

lunalight vegan rings

If you like supporting vegan artisans—and who doesn’t?—this one’s for you. Lunalight is an Australia-based jewellery shop that offers “handmade jewels to enlighten the soul.” I fell in love with them when I spotted their vegan rings on Instagram, and have been and admirer ever since. They also have plenty of gems that aren’t vegan-centric and would make a great gift for your omni girlfriends.

LUSH Cosmetics

This popular handmade bath and cosmetics company has tons to offer for the holidays. Is there someone in your life who could use some extra pampering? Let’s face it—that’s all of us! You can’t go wrong with some sparkly bath bombs, lotions, soaps, or other LUSH goodies. They have several pre-wrapped holiday packages that would make great gifts to ship to loved ones who you won’t see in person for the holidays. Most of their products are vegan, and all are clearly labeled with a “V.” 

VegNews Magazine

Any veggie-loving foodie would adore a subscription to our favorite vegan magazine: VegNews! This magazine is packed with taste plant-based recipes, the latest vegan news, thought-provoking articles about timely topics, and so much more. Plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving for a whole year!

The Instant Pot

For that super busy friend in your life, an Instant Pot would make a great surprise. This pressure cooker makes meal-prep fast and easy! It dramatically cuts down cooking times for things like rice, beans, soups, stews, and more. Plus, it will totally replace the single-function rice cooker and slow cooker. I swear by mine!

A Vitamix or Blendtec

If you really, really love someone, and you’re feeling extra splurgy, you would surely make this holiday the best ever by gifting a coveted Vitamix or Blendtec. These are widely considered the best consumer blenders out there. I have a Blendtec and it has revolutionized my cooking—and inspires me to whip up healthy smoothies every week!

Nonprofit Organization Gift Shops

Most nonprofits have online gift shops with festive merchandise for the holidays. A few of my favorites are Mercy for Animals, the PETA Catalog, and Farm Sanctuary. You can also make a donation to an organization in someone’s honor—and most organizations will send a card to them on your behalf. Just make sure you choose an organizations that the gift recipient will appreciate as much as you do! 

Cover photo from Mercy for Animals. This post may contain affiliate links. Shopping through these links helps us keep the lights on here at World of Vegan! We only feature companies that we sincerely adore, and products that we would buy ourselves. 

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